Tsubaki "Bo" Tainojō
Japanese 椿木 泰之丞
Seiyū Hideo Ishikawa

Bo is one of the men hired to protect Hatsuhime, and friends with Yo and Jin. Unlike the two, Bo comes from a samurai family. His nickname "Bo" comes from an alternate way that the kanji for his given name can be read. He's not a fan of his nickname, but he allows people to call him that.

He is considered the prince of the group. Though he can be flirtatious to "tease" her, he's actually quite cold towards Sayuri and explains that he dislikes women.


When his guard down, Bo is actually a kind person and is actually quite bright and logical, showing interests in the sciences. He's also a huge sci-fi nerd and enjoys speculating the idea of time travel and UFOs.

He explains to Sayuri that he actually doesn't enjoy being seen as a playboy, due to the fact the every woman he meets expects this behavior from him. Finding that most women are quickly turned off by his true personality, only wanting him for his good looks, he keeps up the facade to avoid being rejected and keeping the peace when in town.


Good Ending Bad Ending
Pick it up
Took hold of it
No! I had to say something!
Stay still
Make myself laugh
Do something to help
Speak with Bo
Get on his back
Turned around
Talk to Bo
Take a quick look and check
Should I check on Ittosai and Bo?
I think we should go with Muneshige’s plan
Talk with Bo
Run away with Bo
WifeYounger Sister

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