Tatsunami Ittousai
Japanese 辰波一刀斎
Family Unnamed Brother
Occupation Mercenary
Seiyū Hideki Ogihara

Ittousai is an old acquaintance and rival of Yo, Jin and Bo. He come across as a ruthless sociopath and is extremely disliked by the trio.


Good Ending Bad Ending
Pick it up
Took hold of it
No! I had to say something!
Stay still
Make myself laugh
Rest while I can
Get on his back
Turned around.
Talk to Ittosai
Take a quick look and check
Should I check on Ittosai and Bo?
I think we should go with Ittosai’s plan
Check on Ittosai
Run away with Ittosai
Do what Ittosai had suggested Have us find another road, even if it meant a detour

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