Kadokura "Mon-Mon" Monzan
Japanese モンモン(門倉紋山
Occupation Buddhist priest
Seiyū Tetsu Inada
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Good Ending Bad Ending
Pick it up
Took hold of it
No! I had to say something!
Stay still
Make myself laugh
Do something to help
Speak with Mon-Mon
Get on his back
Jogged ahead to catch up
Talk to Mon-Mon
Take a quick look and check
Should I check on Mon-Mon and Muneshige?
I think we should go with Muneshige’s plan
Should I look at Mon-Mon's back?
I should agree with Mon-Mon
Check on Mon-Mon
Run away with Mon-Mon
A monk and his disciple, on our way to a funeralBrother and sister, going to visit our sick mother

Love Interests in Yo-Jin-Bo: The Bodyguards
Shiranui Yozaburō · Murasame Jinnosuke · Tsubaki Tainojō · Tsukuba Muneshige · Tatsunami Ittousai · Kadokura Monzan

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