Office Love Story
Office Love Story
Publisher Ice Queen Media
Platforms Android

You're going to start your first day in a new position - the assistant in the Department of European History!

This is a brand new and challenging field to you. To make it even more challenging, the department is about to publish a huge work soon, which is nowhere near done. Fortunately, there are some nice colleagues willing to help you out, and a not so nice supervisor... Anyway, you will have to make up your mind and choose one of them to work closely with.

Will you be able to help, or will you drag the department down?[1]

(It's listed as "Choices of Romance in Office - Choose who you want to date, work or flirt with"  on the Apple app store)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ken Kataoka
  • Akira Kubota
  • Shun Tsuda
  • Hirota Moriyama


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