Vampire Love
Vampire Love
Publisher Hanabi Media
Released 🌎 May 22, 2017
Platforms Android

The world you live in is inhabited both by vampires and humans that coexist seemingly in some peace agreement. In this situation, you’re a half-vampire high school girl trying to get a date for the annual school ball.

Your plans come to a halt, though, when a nearby vampire town is mysteriously attacked. Suspicion arises between humans and vampires, and you decide to help solve the case with the aid of your best friend, a human boy, and a childhood friend that is a full-blood vampire. Who would you like to trust more?[1]

(It's listed as "High School Vampires Teen Love" on Google Play and the Apple store.)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Tom
  • Sam


  1. [1]Otome Amino