Undead Lovers
Undead Lovers
Developer Genius. Inc
Publisher Genius. Inc
Released 🌎 April 1, 2016
Platforms Android
Kindle Fire

Undead Lovers is an otome app released by Genius.Inc.

In a distant future, a zombie infection spreads internationally and the world is nearing a full-blown apocalypse.You, the heroine, are part of a group being lead by Tsubasa Kisora and are surviving. James, a new comer, and researcher apparently has save the day, after Tsubasa and Jack got bitten one day; but the researcher has his own goal and what is the destiny of your team?[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Tsubasa Kisora
  • Nicholas Rievldt
  • Jack Powell
  • Alan Raven


  1. [1]Google Play

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