Twilight Romance
Twilight Romance
Publisher Genius Inc.
Platforms Android

You lead an ordinary school life. However one day, you are attacked by Ray Appleby, a mysterious man who drinks human blood…

As you are attacked, you see the same red eyes that you saw long ago when your parents were murdered…!!

You barely escape with your life, but the men who saved you announce, “We are now your guardians.” A vampire, werewolf, and a hunter will be your guardians…!

You become involved in a vampire succession struggle and the story continues to develop rapidly from there...! Your intimacy with your guardians grows through the conflict...What will your fate be? And which route will your love take...?[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Leo Appleby
  • Albert Blackstone
  • Akira Kukuminato
  • Shion Mayuzumi


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