Tokimeki Memorial:
Girl's Side 2nd Season
Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 2
Developer Konami
Publisher Konami
Released 🇯🇵 February 14, 2008
💠 August 6, 2011
Platforms Nintendo DS

Tokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side 2nd Season is the 2006 sequel to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side and the fifth main game in Konami's Tokimeki Memorial dating sim series. An enhanced port to the Nintendo DS featuring additional content and titled Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Season was released in 2008.

It was the final game in the Tokimeki Memorial series to be released on the PlayStation 2, as well as the final console game to date: All subsequent games have been on the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 2nd Kiss features the return of two voice actors who have appeared in the previous Tokimeki Memorial games. Yuji Ueda plays Motoharu Masaki in this game and had previously played Yoshio Saotome in the first Tokimeki Memorial game. His character was so popular that he was the only male character to get an album CD prior to the Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side series. Kenji Nojima plays Kazuyuki Akagi and had previously played Junichirou Hokari in Tokimeki Memorial 2.[1]

The game opens with a girl crying and a boy asking if she's a mermaid. A story is told of a young man and a mute young woman who fall in love. The young man discovers she is a mermaid and can't speak in her human form. Once the local villagers discover this, the mermaid is force to leave, believing she and the young man would meet again one day. One moonlit night, the young man set sail to find his mermaid and never returned. The boy asks the girl to cheer up and that he promises that they'll meet again. The story fast-forwards to the main character having just moved into the area, starting her first year of high school.

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