The Oriental Bride of the Emperor
Oriental Bride of the Emperor
Publisher Arithmetic
Platforms Android
Kindle Fire

When you were arranging the books in the library, you accidentally fell into the unknown world! Then the great emperor of that world suggested you to be the Princess consort for him?!

"I'll help you to go back to your original world. Instead, you be my princess consort."

The arrogant emperor forcibly let you sign in the marriage contract! And there are 8 different types of "Hot guys♡" ready to help you?!

In the end, will you gonna go back to the original world? Or……. ――Now, the destined love story will begins here.[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Cai Liyue
  • Guo Liyao
  • Ji Cangming
  • Thane Fragrant
  • Dong Chunji
  • Hong Shiyou
  • Haku
  • Ernest Wisteria


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