The Lost Prince Pirates
The Lost Prince Pirates
Publisher Genius Inc.
Platforms Android

Generations ago, humanity was given six jewels with immense power. Now a tyrannical king is determined to collect them all. Your father is the ruler of the last remaining country yet to fall to this reign of terror, so the tyrant king has demanded that you marry his son and relinquish your jewel to him.

The night before your wedding, however, help comes from the most unexpected source. A band of pirates called the Black Hounds kidnap you, and present you with a proposition: will you help them get rid of the jewels forever, so that the tyrant king can never have them?

Discover thrilling excitement, lost princes, and tender romance as you and the Black Hounds work to save the world from its wicked fate.[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Luka
  • Gilbert
  • Draco
  • Orion


  1. [1]Google Play

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