The Crimson Kiss to Saint
The Crimson Kiss to Saint
Publisher HUNEX CO.,LTD.
Released 🌎 January 6, 2017
Platforms Android

Seira It was decided that is confessed to Keisuke childhood friend, and companionship.

Seira that I saw a beautiful young man along the way back, and Keisuke caught up in a strange deja vu.

That night, Seira came to the park to be invited to something is to meet young again. The young man was a kiss with a strange euphoria in the scruff of Seira.

From the next day, the body of Seira would no longer accept the sun. Seira to close the curtain, one step not out of the house. And KamiShima of Father was heralded by the fact that she is a target of vampire.

Day-to-day out crazy! Vampire romantic horror.[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Claude
  • Keisuke Chimura
  • Masaomi Kamishima


  1. [1]Google Play

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