The Bride of Vampire
Bride of Vampire
Publisher Aeriebell Inc.
Platforms Android

Miyu Sakurai (Name is changeable), a heroine had been lonely, without kith or kin.

One day, she arrived at a real estate agency where a strange and old gentleman works. She jumped at a nice piece of real estate. And that was the beginning of her troubles. When she unpacks her moving baggage and to bubble over with expectation....

Mmmm? Who the hell are you?

Well...? Who are you?

The two showed up in her presence were wounded twin vampire. The older one who behaves as if he owned the place, and the younger one smiles apologetically. The mysterious boys make the assertion to claim the property of the heroine's room.

The unexpected communal life breaks out of her loneliness. And then, that makes her happy.....[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Sakuma Kanou
  • Takuma Kanou
  • Valentine Zweig
  • Ralph Mochizuki


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