Sweet Scandal R
Sweet Scandal R
Publisher OKKO
Platforms Android
Kindle Fire

You’ve been working for two years as a reporter for a famous women magazine: QUEEN!

But one day, you are suddenly tasked with writing the sough-after « Total Coverage » section and you have to cover closely an handsome genius?!

24 hours a day, close to each other day and night, a love begins…?!

Every handsome genius has his little secrets. What is hidden behind his pure face might hinder your love story…?

Enjoy a love full of thrilling emotions which will make your heart pounding! So… who do you want to cover closely?![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Shinobu Suwa
  • Yusuke Misato
  • Kaito Amasawa
  • Shintaro Yoshioka
  • Naoya Yamato
  • Itsuki Horai
  • Masato Shii


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