Towa Wakasa
Japanese 鑻ョ嫮 姘搁仩
Age 馃嚡馃嚨 15
馃嚭馃嚫 17
Occupation Band Member
Seiy奴 Y奴ki Kaji

Towa Wakasa is a member of the band "Junior Jr. Boys" and was invited to perform solo at the amusement park's opening day. He is the youngest and complains the most out of the group of hostages.

Though he acts like a bit of a diva to cover his cowardice, he has a good and honest heart.


When he was a child, Towa was involved in a bus crash and was the only survivor. He was protected by Ryuusei Mitarashi's mother, using her body to shield him from the impact and debris, though due to his young age, he doesn't remember the accident too clearly.


Happy Ending
"You know who he is?" (If starting New Game +)
Examine panels with Shidou, Wakasa, and Meoshi
"I think it was the stomach."
awaken to your destiny
"Wakasa might know something."
Think about it some more.
"No, I'm fine."
Examine the sliding doors with Mitarashi
"Are you okay?"
Restrain myself
Go with Wakasa, Shidou, and Urabe.
Western with Wakasa
"I don't think so."
Choose Wakasa
Choose Any of Them
"Stop it, you two!"
Tell him to do his best.
queen of hearts
"Were you on the phone?"
Choose Wakasa
Go with Shirabe and Wakasa.
"Come on, this way!"
Restrain myself
seven deadly sins
"Maybe we should all think about it..."
all these sins
Think about it more.
"You're an amazing singer!"
"I'm counting on you!"
"Let's decide together."
"He did it for me."
"You're so mature."
one other
"Hold on."
Get Mad
"Just have fun!"
"I'm not scared with you here."
"You're amazing."
Get Mad

Love Interests in Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
Ryuusei MitarashiSubaru ShidouTowa WakasaKouta MeoshiAyumu ShirabeKimimaru UrabeMakoto Mikami

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