Kouta Meoshi
Japanese 芽御師 航太
Age 19
Occupation Video Game Champion
Seiyū Masakazu Morita

Kouta Meoshi is normally a shut-in and doesn't visit crowded places like amusement parks, though he decided to attend the opening day ceremony of the park due to a fighting game competition that was for that day only.

Kouta is extremely quiet and gets nervous easily, though he is the most knowledgeable about the video games. He explains each attractions' original goal and how they would normally be beaten in the video games.


When Kouta was a kid, he was the only eyewitness to a bus crash, but due to his anxious nature, he was unable to give a report of what truly happened.


Happy Ending
"You know who he is?" (If starting New Game +)
Examine panels with Shidou, Wakasa, Meoshi.
"I think it was the stomach."
awaken to your destiny
"Stop Mitarashi!"
"Let Meoshi try."
"No, I'm fine."
Examine the floor with Shirabe and Meoshi
"Are you okay?"
Restrain myself
Go with Meoshi to the arcade.
"I thought I might learn something about you."
Choose Meoshi
"Stop it, you two!"
Tell him the answer.
queen of hearts
"Were you on the phone?"
Choose Meoshi
Go with Shidou and Meoshi.
"If you give up here, it's game over!"
Get Mad
seven deadly sins
"Maybe we should all think about it..."
all these sins
Think about it more.
"Sorry, Wakasa."
"Thank you so much."
"Why do you stay inside all the time?"
right in front of us
"I'm a little scared."
Restrain myself
"Be careful."
"...I'm glad you're here."
"What was that?"
written in blood
"Yeah, let's do it!"

Love Interests in Sweet Fuse: At Your Side
Ryuusei Mitarashi · Subaru Shidou · Towa Wakasa · Kouta Meoshi · Ayumu Shirabe · Kimimaru Urabe · Makoto Mikami

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