Summon Night: Twin Age
Twin age
Japanese サモンナイト ツインエイジ 精霊たちの共鳴
Developer Flight-Plan
Publisher 🇯🇵 Banpresto
🇺🇸 Atlus
Released 🇯🇵 August 30, 2007
🇺🇸 June 03, 2008
Platforms Nintendo DS

The stylus is your key to the world of Clardona, whether as your swinging sword or your shimmering wall of fire. From a very young age, the human girl Reiha displayed great aptitude for the magical art of Summoning. While still a child, her powers caused a terrible accident during a major Summoning experiment. It was reported that Reiha had died as a result, but she survived along with a young Summon Beast named Aldo that had been pulled into her world. [1]

Partners Edit

  • Nassau
  • Ayn
  • Ticah
  • Mardin
  • Lila
  • Millisar


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