Munenori Yagyu

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Good Ending
Thank him
Wha, What!?
Don’t touch me!
That’s cute!
Speak up
You poor thing…
Not true
Shake head
It feels strange
 Keep talking!
…I don’t know.
 …I’m scared
You did right!
Your thoughts?
You liar!
Take off my…?!
 I’m sorry…
I’m shaking…
Does it hurt?
Don’t tell me!
We part tonight?
The code?
Don’t die…

Side Stories:Edit

Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending. Note that some are kind off ... "wild" ^_^;

Female Ninja Training:

  • bite him

On the Road to Happiness:

  • tell the truth

Mission Adorable:

  • I was worried

Sweet Ceremony:

  • Are you jealous?

Mission Adorable 2:

  • Perfect!

Sweet Honeymoon:

Romantic Festival:

Enchanted Princess:

Temptation Love:

Hanzo's Interruption:

Crash into You:

First Anniversary:

Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love
Goemon · Saizo · Sasuke· Kotaro · Musashi· Munenori · Rennoshin · Hanzo

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