Sasuke Sarutobi
Occupation Koga Ninja

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Good Ending
I-I'm sorry!
I'm sorry...
I'm great!
W-What? What is it?
You can't do that
Neither are my type
What? No!
Not really...
I can't love
cheer him up...
Help him
Don't care
Say nothing
Not Gowmon.
Be silent
Not so loud!
Kiss cheek
Stand strong!
What do I do?
No way!!!

Side Stories:

Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending.

Female Ninja Training: I've trained hard everyday. To relax everyone was having too much drink, when Sasuke saw Kotaro and Goemon were messing around me...

On the Road to Happiness: While Sasuke and I are walking lovey-dovey towards the Kanshin Ji Temple to get approval from gramps for our marriage. Everytime we were about getting close to each other, something just聽happens, enemies appears from no way interrupting.

Mission Adorable: Peace has finally returned to Koga. While I was letting down my guard, opposers attack. Sasuke was always in time to wipe them out in the blink of an eye. But when I was hold hostage by one of the opposers, couldn't see me get hurt. Sasuke surrenders his sword and let himself聽get beaten and abused.聽

Sweet Ceremony: On our wedding day. I dressed in white. Everyone seems to disagree with me marrying immature Sasuke. Especially Goemon and Rennoshin never hide their feelings and ask "Are you sure you are聽making the right choice?"

  • No! It's not!

Mission Adorable 2: Sasuke and I took off to look for honey for the weak elderly. Great numbers of angry bee flew into our direction after I pluck off their beehive. Sasuke got rid of them with his clone skills in a blink of the eye...

Sweet Honeymoon: You spend a romantic time with him! Any place any time, he shows affection to you!! But you feel something behind you...!!

Romantic Festival: A portable shrine loses its balance and comes down on you! At that moment, Sasuke protects you from it and gets injured. "I'll always protect you, no matter what happens." His words touch you...

Enchanted Princess: You transform into a different person! "I don't mean to do this but..." In order to break the spell, Sasuke forcefully...

Temptation Love: You try not to let Saizo know that you feel lonely without Sasuke... "You became more attractive than you used to be." Saizo's gentle eyes drive you...

Hanzo's Interruption: Hanzo trains Sasuke so hard! While you give him a massage to relieve his fatigue, he grabs your wrist and...

Crash into You: You learn sword skills from Master Goemon. But Sasuke thinks you are cheating on him?!

First Anniversary: He has to work on the wedding anniversary... You find he left his pass at home. You bring it to him in a mission...

  • Oh No! I'm A Geisha: A geisha feared for her life after being attacked by a client..To protect her, you volunteer to take her place. Dress in her gorgeous and sexy kimono and the low cut kimono is so provocative..

Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love