Occupation Doctor

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Good Ending
You two are close!
I am a patient!
Can we bring this pup with us?
 I’m captivated…
Ren is amazing!
Wake him up
You won’t marry?
You will be cold
He saved my life!
I asked him!
But my image...
Please tell me
Yes, sir!
Let me help!
As a sister?
Hold me
You must be tired
I’m coming too!
Even if I want to?
I drank it!
Look at him
As a sister?
I was thinking
I still love you!

Side Stories: Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending.

Female Ninja Training:

  • Take his hand

On the Road to Happiness:

Mission Adorable:

Sweet Ceremony:

  • No! We'll over sleep!

Mission Adorable 2:

  • Oh Man!

Sweet Honeymoon:

Romantic Festival:

Enchanted Princess:

Temptation Love:

Hanzo's Interruption:

Crash into You:

First Anniversary:


Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love
Goemon · Saizo · Sasuke· Kotaro · Musashi· Munenori · Rennoshin · Hanzo