Kotaro Fuma
Occupation Fuma Ninja

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Good Ending
I'm aware
No, it's fine
Come sleep with me
It's our chance!
I believe you
I never said goodbye
Who cares about a kimono!
I just couldn't help myself
I feel so exhausted
Of course I worry!
I could never!
It won't help her!
Am I causing trouble?
I'm important?
Kiss him again
I'm not special
Can I hold your hand?
I thought at least 10 more...
I'm sorry
I'll get help!
I know

Side Stories: Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending.

Female Ninja Training: I was practicing throwing stars while Kotaro was away. Oh no, look out the stars, Kotaro! Suppose he couldn't stand watching, he started to teach me all sorts of throwing stars techniques...?!

  • Thank him.

On the Road to Happiness: We stayed at an inn while on our way to Kanshinjii Temple. I was too worn out from walking all day and when I fell asleep, the quiet and shy Kotaro suddenly laid himself on top of me but stopped suddenly, he then left the room without saying much. What did I do wrong?

  • I love you.

Mission Adorable: We have been living in peace in Fuma's clan. When Kotaro was out on mission Soun Hojo attacked and held me hostage. Who are they really after? Kotaro?

  • Don’t apologize!

Sweet Ceremony: Our wedding will be held at Kanshinjii Temple. My gramps doesn't seem to like quiet Kotaro. Instead, gramps ideal choice is the mature and noble Lord Hanzo. Kotaro started doubting his own decision of getting married, as he once lost his lover before...

  • Don’t be stupid!

Mission Adorable 2: Kotaro is on a mission even though he's still injured from his last mission. I stopped him but to no avail. I then followed after him, but accidently fel into a sticky and bottomless swamp. Kotaro... Help me!

  • Don’t apologize!

Sweet Honeymoon: He seems to be more passionate then usual. One day. you two go on a mission trip, which is going to be a honeymoon trip!!

  • I’ll tell Kotaro there’s the pirate.

Romantic Festival: You perform the Koto at a festival. Kotaro teaches you the Koto step by step. It's a sweet time for you! But you involuntarily...

  • Were you watching?

Enchanted Princess: When you open your eyes, you see Kotaro right next to you... The ninjutsu drives all guys in the castle crazy about you! Kotaro also...

  • I was so scared…!

Temptation Love: Goemon looks sad when you worry about Kotaro... You can't turn down Goemon when you hear his sad voice. You relucantly let him...

  • I wouldn’t know.

Hanzo's Interruption: It's fun to look for herbs with Kotaro! Then someone throws a shuriken at you! ... Hanzo shows up, and trains Kotaro so hard!

  • I’m going to go make dinner.

Crash into You: "I want to be with him all the time..." You secretly watch him at work. But he gets mad at you...!

First Anniversary: You spend alone time together on your wedding anniversary. He gives you a massage... it is so sweet!

  • Forgive me.

Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love
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