Goemon Ishikawa
Occupation Iga Ninja

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Good Ending
I’m not giving up!
We have to stop this!
Th- that’s...! Panicking
I know that
I was so glad…
Wait a minute!
I’m not a good drinker…
It's not the time to get depressed!
I’m very happy!
Stop him
I’m prepared!
I can’t do that!
She is beautiful…
I’m not OK!
Please tell me the truth!
You’re kidding?
No, I’m not
No, I’ll go with him
Please do the same
I know it is!
I won’t allow it!

Side Stories:

Below here are all the side stories each with the right answer leading to the happy ending.

Female Ninja Training:  Although I was trained very hard, I still can't swim... Master Goemon, even it is so, you still can't put your hand inside my kimono!

On the Road to Happiness: Master Goemon and I were heading back to the temple and announced our intention to get married. My gramps opposed strongly as he heard rumors of Goemon being a womanizer and I won't be happy being with...

Mission Adorable: Goemon and I were sent to gather information, and we did it! While on our way out from the Kurohabaki's hideout, Musashi appeared in front of us, hired as a guard.

Sweet Ceremony: The day before our wedding I overheard Kuma telling Lord Hanzo how Goemon seduced Kuma last night. I can't believe what I heard. How could he even do this to me while the big day is getting so near?

  • You and Kuma

Mission Adorable 2: I volunteerd to get punished for causing a failed mission. Goemon is ordered by Lord Hanzo to take charge of the whole punishment process...

Sweet Honeymoon: You're supposed to have fun with him... but he's busy with his mission. Besides, you run into a ghost in panic! Meanwhile, he hugs you from behind and...!!

Romantic Festival: You stand in an injured priestess and...! "You're really hot..." Goemon strokes you through the priestess robe... You can't resist yourself!

Enchanted Princess: Twitch! You feel an huge shock through your body. When Goemon sees the change in your body, he pushes you to the floor and... he makes you go numb!

Temptation Love: You feel jealous when you see Goemon surrounded by girls! During his absence, Sasuke visits you... You involuntarily bury your face in his chest...

Hanzo's Interruption: "Your touch makes me..." Every day is so sweet! But Hanzo interrupts you. "Live in seperate rooms from now on!"

Crash into You: "You have no talent for ninjutsu" His remarks hurt you... Taking a special medicine, you challenge him!

First Anniversary: He has to work late on your wedding anniversary... the date is canceled, but he takes you to... !

  • Oh No! I'm A Geisha: When I couldn't look away from that sensual movement, a client's hand slipped down under my collar, "Oh...

Love Interests in Shall We Date?: Ninja Love
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