Endings Edit

Here are the three endings for Ray. Keep in mind there are more roads which led to Rome! The answers I put down here lead for me to these endings but of course ( for example Sweet ending ) as long as you get almost everything right it will still lead to Sweet ending. These answers are possibilities leading to the endings below.

Walkthrough Edit

Sweet Ending Good Ending Normal Ending
I’ll become a good ruler I’ll become a good ruler I’ll reclaim Excalibur
To whom were you talking to? Is it bad that I overheard? To whom were you talking to
Thank you. Thank you I’m really bad at cooking, huh?
Ray, stop attacking! Ray, stop attacking! Ray, calm down!
I’m with Estel I’m with Estel  Estel, curb your kindness
Look away Look away Shake head
Say what’s on your mind Ray you seem angry. Say what’s on your mind
Ray, do you love someone? Huh, you think about love too Ray do you love someone?
I’m curious I’m curious I’m not curious
It’s not hard It’s not hard It’s hard
About last night… About last night… Not really
Scream for all you’re worth Scream for all you’re worth Nod weakly
It wasn’t a dream It wasn’t a dream Then why did I have it?
Pinky promise Pinky promise Nod
Would I look all right? Would I look all right? I’m a princess
Please be gentle Please be gentle Got what?
I love Ray I love Ray Don’t think too much about it
Stop him Stop him Watch silently
Believe in me Believe in me Help me remember Ray
a little No A little


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  • Sweet Ending
  • Happy Ending
  • Normal Ending

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