Here are the three endings for Ethan. Keep in mind there are more roads which led to Rome! The answers I put down here lead for me to these endings but of course ( for example Sweet ending ) as long as you get almost everything right it will still lead to Sweet ending. These answers are possibilities leading to the endings below.

Walkthrough Edit

Sweet Ending Happy Ending Normal Ending
ContinueContinue That’s a different matter.
Drink just a littleDrink just a little Drink it yourself
Didn't think of weird food. Didn’t think of weird food Didn’t think of weird food
Help out? Help out? Leave them alone
The more people, the better The more people, the better Better at fighting
Make an excuse Turn your face away Turn your face away
Don’t make fun of me I’m getting angry I’m getting angry
I’m sorry I’m sorry I can fight too
I was surprised Of course not Of course not
Feel his forehead Look even more closely Look even more closely
We should stay together We should stay together Don’t be silly
I won’t do anything foolish I’m not going to die I’m not going to die
So embarrassing So embarrassing. I’m fine alone
Get him some water Put him to bed Put him to bed
Why are you apologizing? Just leave me alone! . Just leave me alone!
Ethan, you’ll ride with me, won’t you? Ethan, you’ll ride with me, won’t you? Won’t two people per dragon be dangerous?
Tell him you’re reassured Tell him you’re reassured. I want to retrieve it myself
Don’t sacrifice yourself Don’t sacrifice yourself I’ll settle this for sure!
We’ll drink at the castle That might be a good idea That might be a good idea
of course I do I’m nervous Of course I do


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  • Sweet Ending
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