Age 26
Height 188 cm
Occupation Archer

Estel - character from Shall We Date?: Magic Sword game. One of possible romantic interests for main heroine.

Around game Edit

Estel is one of the main characters in Shall We Date?: Magic Sword. There is three possible endings with him: normal, sweet and happy. Story is the same for both "Magic Sword" and "Magic Sword+" versions of the game.

There are several spin-off stories. These stories tell about additional adventures on the way to King Arthur's castle with only one of them being about events soon after the game end.

Biography Edit

Estel is an elf. He knows heroine from childhood when they happened to play together, but they were separated and reunited only at the beginning of the story.

He joins heroine in quest for Escalibur along with Rey and Ethan.

Main Story Events Edit

Estel acts distant with everyone except heroine because elfs prefer to not mingle with humans. He fell in love with the heroine, but was reminded that elfs and humans have different lifespans and there is Elf Law which prohibid relationships between humans and elfs. Because of this Estel tries to put a distance between heroine and him. This fails and he confesses his love.

When their group sneaks into the King Arthur's castle Estel uses Escalibur as an arrow to pierce Merlin's defense and stop wizard.

In Sweet End Estel becomes princess' knight and they decide to hide their relationships while working on changing Elf Law. In Happy End Estel was named "dead as an elf" and became "human" so he married heroine and became King of Theodore.

Walkthrough Edit

Sweet ending Happy ending Normal Ending
Yes Yes Yes
You’re still same person. I still have a hard time accepting you’re the same person. You’re still the same person.
Leave him alone for now. Speak your mind Speak your mind
I think you’re wonderful. I think you’re wonderful. I think you’re wonderful.
Don’t they dislike me? Don’t they dislike me? Don’t they dislike me?
Not at all You act like a different person around them. You act like a different person around them.
Sorry to worry you You worry too much. Sorry to worry you
Let’s stay out a bit longer… Yes, let’s go back Let’s stay out a bit longer…
But it does concern me. But it does concern me. Don’t talk like that. It makes me sad…
Can’t the law be changed? Can’t the law be changed? Can’t the law be changed?
Yes, I’m sorry Yes, I’m sorry. No, I wasn’t
Stop Estel Stop Ethan Stop Ethan.
Were you offended? That was embarrassing Were you offended?
I can cook a little I can cook a little. I can’t cook.
What a relief… So, how do you feel about me? So how do you feel about me?
Later, when we alone Later, when we’re alone. As you wish.
I think we will win I think we will win. I’m glad they’re friends.
I have a plan Not now. I have a plan
Yes, thank you Yes, thank you. Be mindful of Merlin
We only talked. We only talked Nothing happened

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