Several Shades Of Sadism
Several Shades Of Sadism
Japanese ドSに恋して~スイートルームで秘密の支配~
Publisher Arithmetic
Platforms Android

You, a 25 year old concierge at a top-class hotel in Japan; The Royal Shining, are the protagonist in this story. All of your hard work until now has been evaluated, and you’ve finally been assigned as the exclusive concierge to the Sweet Room!

However, on your first day of work on your new assignment, the Head Concierge collapses due to overwork?! In his place, you’ve been assigned to take care of the guests of the penthouse suite.

These guests: while they may look nice on the outside, are brothers with a sadistic streak… And to make matters worse, all of them are the sons of Keichiro Kira, the President of the very hotel chain you work for!

You’ve been told to become the personal concierge of one of them but who will you choose to take orders from――?[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Chiaki Kira
  • Toma Kira
  • Shizuka Kira
  • Minami Kira
  • Mei Tarantino
  • Rei Shindo


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