Second Reproduction
Second Reproduction
Japanese 暗黑女王外传
Developer Heterodoxy
Released 🇯🇵 December 28th, 2008

💠 February 20th, 2012

Platforms PC - Patch

Mature Content Warning! 💋
This game has strong sexual tones or themes

Second Reproduction also goes by the name Queen of Darkness 2 the Second Reproduction.

Christina was the third princess of Almenan, and born in the era of war against the Demons. Having the status of a “Champion”, Christina had countless battle victories upon her shoulders and was feared by the Demon race.

Being the most successful of her three sisters, her mother the queen sent her on a secret mission to assassinate the Demon Lord Gardis in return for his ruthless annihilation of the Kingdom of Crofts.

Obeying her mother’s orders for the sake of her kingdom, Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Demon Lord’s head, and to bring peace to the land. But they soon discover the Demon Lord and his people are not as ruthless as they have been told all their life.[1]

Love Interests Edit

  • Gardis
  • Jin
  • Lezette


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