Walkthrough CainEdit

A walkthrough for Cain

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Good EndingEdit

Chapter 2Edit

– ...But now that I think of it, why did he save me back there

– Is it because he wants to manipulate me for something else

Chapter 3Edit

– I'll raise my voice and pursue him with my question

– A clumsy person?

Chapter 4Edit

– It feels as though he is feeding me

– I don't know... I really don't know what to think

Chapter 5Edit

– It's regretful for me to die?

– Hug him from behind

Chapter 6Edit

– Maybe I will feel sorry for myself

– "I want you"

Chapter 7Edit

– He wants to change something with my powers?

– It's okay. If that's what he wants then he can kill me

Other CharactersEdit

- Yuie

- Tomoyuki


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