Seal of Lycoris
Seal of Lycoris
Publisher Koyonplete
Platforms Android

”I want to see you again, no matter how many times you're reborn into this world...”

A girl often dreams about myriads of silver-white Lycoris in full bloom. One day, on the way home with her older brother-like relative, Tomoyuki, the girl encountered an accident in the underground train station. Amidst the chaos, she witnessed a commotion between a vampire with eyes in the color of the blood red ruby, and a fox spirit.? Without any warning, the two started to lay claims on the girl. Tomoyuki struggled to protect the girl, but his powers as a human is futile against the mythical beings. When the crimson full moon rises, the girl shall learn about her past, her fate, and the meaning behind the symbol on her chest. ... Who is the owner of the voice who keeps on appearing in her dreams?

This game is split into 3 apps, each app is a different character. Your character choices are: Yuie, Cain and Tomoyuki.[1]

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