~Mystic Love~
Publisher Accela,Inc.
Platforms Android

It was another ordinary day off, I encountered bizarre serial murders. Whose victims all carry peculiar wounds.

As I pursuit the incident, I come across the presence of people with incomprehensible abilities

Evil hands try to trap me. There existed secrets which one could never have anticipated

Conspiracy, love and various by-ends of the characters intricately intertwine. PsychiXX is a magnificent romance suspense which you never want to miss![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Naotake Kiryu
  • Kaoru Jyosako
  • Kei Murasame
  • Yusuke Tsukimori
  • Raiji Odo
  • Takuya Hioki
  • Shiori Nojyo
  • Takaaki Narisawa
  • Mikio Reizei


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