Age About 18
Occupation NPC

Zain is a man who suffers from amnesia in World V, the only thing he does know is the identity of the protagonist and his desire to keep her safe.


It's quickly explained that Zain is an NPC in World V, though most find it odd that he is able to have a normal conversation, unlike most NPC who normally follow a script. Most seem to think he's simply programmed differently, this leads Zain to question about his existence, his feelings are for the protagonist, and what will happen to him once someone unlocks the exit to World V.

Zain is a bit of a blank slate; he's very innocent, curious and kind. Once he finds out he is an NPC, his personality begins to change once he starts to discover himself and question things. He sometimes feels something is taking over his body and can't explain why.

Later, while protecting the protagonist from being killed by Demento, Zain ends up being killed along with the fallen angel when they are attacked by a monster during a quest. When the quest is finished, the protagonist finds a man claiming to be Zain in the real world, neither understand how he obtained the body.

When they return to World V, Zain realizes that his data and Demento's soul have somehow merged, which causes Zain to become more violent and possessive due to his own desires and Demento's influence.


Happy Ending Merry Bad Ending
Use knife Go to "Title Screen"
Run Select "History"
Run Head to Zain's Route
Scream Select "Chapter 7"
"Yes. I trust you." Set Almighty's Level to 6
"Thank you very much." Set Zain's Affection to 0
"Then, you should find something." "I was worried about you."
"You’re Zain, that’s who."
"Please be here when I come back."
Use knife
"I’m just glad you’re safe."
"You’re special, Zain."
"Poyo-poyo looks hurt."
"Please don’t do anything cruel."
"Do you promise?"
Play harp
"I wanted to talk with you."

Love Interests in Period Cube
Hiroya · Radius · Astrum · Zain · Demento · Libera · Poyo-Poyo

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