Age 18
Occupation Fencer

Radius is one of the strongest Demon players in World V, who is also known for being cold, distant and only playing solo. He also carries one of the keys to escaping World V, the Shadow's Edge.


Though he seems aloof, he uses it as a guise to hide his feelings of cowardice. When he was first trapped in World V, he traveled with a party and became good friends with the players. Though upon finishing a quest, the party was given the Shadow's Edge, which the group felt he had deserved even though he wasn't the party leader.

After modestly accepting the sword, the Jaws of Death appeared for the first time and engulfed his entire party. He has since felt guilt for not being able to save any of his friends and following his party leader's orders to escape when he was the last one left. He vowed he would not allow anyone to else to die because of his actions and wishes to clear World V by himself in order to protect as many players as possible.

In real world, Radius is Rei Ijou, a popular model who is trying to start a career in music. Rei started playing Arcadia as a place to unwind and escape his hardships of an idol's life. His career is put on hold due to him being found in a short-term coma (a side affect of World V) and must have regular checkups until he's considered well.


Happy Ending Merry Bad Ending
Use knife Go to "Title Screen"
Run Select "History"
Play harp Head to Radius's Route
"Where did we meet before?" Select "Chapter 7"
"No, I won’t run away." Set Almighty's Level to 5
"I’m sorry for asking." Set Radius's Affection to 0
Play harp "I missed you."
"My friend is hospitalized here."
"Thank you so much."
Grab onto Demento
"He’s my friend…"
Mochi with grape filling
"Both versions of you are cool."
"I don’t want to go home, though."
"I wish I had been by your side."
"I’m glad you’re safe."

Love Interests in Period Cube
Hiroya · Radius · Astrum · Zain · Demento · Libera · Poyo-Poyo

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