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Poyo-Poyo is a cute little monster inside World V. He collects information and sells it to players for a price. No one is quite sure if Poyo-poyo is another player or not, but most find him to be quite trustworthy or pay him no mind, especially since he's not aligned with Demons or Angels.

Though Poyo-Poyo sells the information he has gathered on the protagonist (due to her being the Almighty), he still cares about her and does his best to protect her, usually redirecting players or showing her shortcuts, allowing her to escape from tight situations.


Poyo-poyo is actually Shiki Hanamiya, the missing step-brother of the main character. Shiki has been in love with his step-sister since they first met and feared that she would be disgusted by him, which lead him to never reveal his true feelings for her.

After getting hit by a car, the main character loses her memory of being hit and that her cat had passed away shortly before the accident. This event terrifies Shiki, the thought of losing her if she had died from the incident and the fear of her forgetting him if something was to happen to her again. This leads Shiki to create Arcadia, in hopes of making her and himself immortal, living in an ideal world of the protagonist's choosing.


Happy Ending Merry Bad Ending
Use knife Go to "Title Screen"
Use knife Select "History"
"Both of you, just calm down." Head to Poyo-Poyo's Route
Use knife Select "Chapter 7"
"All right, I trust you!" Set Almighty's Level to 4
"If you say so, Poyo-poyo." Set Poyo-Poyo's Affection to 0
"Then, I guess half is all right." "I want to be with everyone."
"My brother could have come home." "I love you."
"I’m the one that’s sorry." "I hope tomorrow will be a good day." (Repeats the Epilogue)
"I’m sorry for worrying you." "But, something feels strange…" (Ends Epilogue)
"… Tell me your favorite food."
"Don’t say that, please."
"Apologize to Ira."
"I don’t want a world like that."
"I won’t lie."

Love Interests in Period Cube
Hiroya · Radius · Astrum · Zain · Demento · Libera · Poyo-Poyo

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