Age 14
Occupation Mage

Libera is Demon player in Arcadia, that is trapped in World V. He often uses his female avatar to take advantage of other players with his "feminine charms" to receive gifts and pull small cons. Libera doesn't usually go on quests, claiming that they're a pain. Instead, he helps out at a local inn for room and board.


In the real world, his name Riku Yuuki, who has been sickly for the majority of his life. Due to this, he's unable to be as active as most people his age. Growing up, his older brother, Natsu, would often bring him video games for the two of them to play together. He is also the one who introduced Riku to Arcadia.

Riku actually prefers living in World V and wouldn't mind staying there, which is the real reason he doesn't enjoy quests, since he can live a healthy and sociable life, especially after his brother's death a couple months prior of where Period Cube begins. Feeling that his mother wished his brother had lived instead of him, he escapes into World V and stays as long as he possibly can.

Unknown to Riku, Natsu worked with Shiki, the protagonist's brother, to create and develop Arcadia. Natsu wished to make a place for his brother to live a normal life and experience the simple pleasures in life that normal children get to experience as they grow up.


Happy Ending Merry Bad Ending
Use Knife Go to "Title Screen"
Use Knife Select "History"
"I think this person’s right…" Head to Libera's Route
"I think I’d like to rest." Select "Chapter 7"
"I was just surprised." Set Almighty's Level to 4
"You should come too, Libera." Set Libera's Affection to 0
Play harp "Have confidence!"
"I want us to fight together, Libera." Slow Enemy Movement
"You’re Libera, aren’t you?"
"I was just surprised."
"Wait. I still want to talk to you."
"I could at least go to the entrance…"
"I’m not going back."
"That’s really sad."
Play Harp
"I’m sure you can do it, Riku."
Increase Ally Strength

Love Interests in Period Cube
Hiroya · Radius · Astrum · Zain · Demento · Libera · Poyo-Poyo

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