Age 22
Occupation Assassin

Demento is an Angel player in Arcadia's World V server. He is well-known to PK (Player Kill) anyone who is in his way, both Demons and Angels, which is troubling in World V, due to the fact that when a player is killed in that server, they die in the real world. Knowing this, Demento takes pleasure in deciding players' fates.

In Arcadia, Angels are to only kill Demons and vice versa; Demento kills indiscriminately, which leads him to become a Fallen after he killed one of this fellow angels.


In the real world, he is Minato Karasuba, a convenience store clerk. He hates his life and sees no future for himself. When he becomes trapped in World V, he feels like he has control for once and takes pleasure in playing "God" with players' lives, instead of feeling bossed around or taking abuse from the people around him, like in the real world.


Happy Ending Merry Bad Ending
Use knife Go to "Title Screen"
Play harp Select "History"
"I said don’t talk about him like that." Head to Demento's Route
"I can do it myself." Select "Chapter 7"
"My heart is pounding." Set Almighty's Level to 6
"I feel kind of bad." Set Demento's Affection to 0
Use Bow "I’m sorry…"
"Thank you for worrying about me."
"I’m alright, please continue."
Use Bow
"Yeah, that was a handle."
"You’ve already finished it."
Increase Ally Strength
"Demento, stop it!"
"I’m genuinely interested."
Use Bow
"Stop it already!"
"I’m not planning on dying…"

Love Interests in Period Cube
Hiroya · Radius · Astrum · Zain · Demento · Libera · Poyo-Poyo

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