Period Cube
~ Shackles of Amadeus~
Period Cube
Japanese ピリオドキューブ
Developer Otomate
Publisher Aksys Games
Released 🇯🇵 May 19, 2016
🇺🇸 April 28, 2017
Platforms PlayStation VIta
PlayStation Store

Period: Cube ~ Shackles of Amadeus~ (ピリオドキューブ ~鳥籠のアマデウス~, Piriodo Kyūbu ~Torikago no Amadeus~) released in English on April 25, 2017 for the PlayStation Vita.

In search of your older brother's whereabouts, you join the online RPG, 'Arcadia' in hope of discovering clues. Having lost consciousness after being drawn into a mysterious light, you wake up within the game's fantasy world! Confused and shaken by your strange yet familiar surroundings, you learn that the only way to escape this world of life-or-death is to clear the game. As the game world begins to crumble and fall apart, you'll have to rely on your expanding powers for survival![1]

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