Otouto Scramble
Otouto Scramble
Publisher Genius Inc.
Platforms Android
Kindle Fire

“You see, honey…I’m planning on getting remarried.” Your mother suddenly announces her intentions to get remarried.

Your parents got married when you very young, so you took on all the household chores while your mother worked full-time. You felt lonely at times, but you lived a good life. However, one day your mother tells you she’s getting remarried soon, and that the man she is going to marry has four sons who are all younger than you.

Things progress faster than you have time to think, and you find yourself living in your stepfather’s home. To make matters worse, your mom and stepfather leave you with your new stepbrothers for an overseas business trip, leaving the rest of the family in confusion! What’s going to happen while you live with your highly individualistic younger stepbrothers?![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Itsuki Ousaka
  • Akane Ousaka
  • Izumi Ousaka
  • Hikaru Ousaka


  1. [1]Google Play

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