Kagaya Go
Occupation Outside Consultant

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Good Ending
I looked after you.
I like this one better...
I believe it.
No no no no!
It's about my job.
That tickles
...act more full of yourself.
I want to try harder.
Talk about the event.
I want to stroke his face.
Let's change our outlook on this.
Is a kiss enough?
Let's go look at the shops.
I love you, too.
I'll get up.
Show him.
Mr. Kagaya's personality is the problem.
Business column
Call out for Mr. Kagaya.
I'll do my best!
Go with Kagaya.
I won't forgive you!
I want to spend a little more time together..
Yeah, I guess I am.
...someone you dated?
I believe you.
Care to explain what that was about?
Don't get cocky.
What do we have we can use?

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