Ninja Shadow
Ninja Shadow
Publisher NTT Solmare Corp.
Platforms Android

You’ve found yourself surrounded by the most skilled ninjas in all of Nagasaki. Carrying out vigilante missions with your instructor, you must keep your identity a secret. However, you find yourself growing closer to him…Will he find out your true identity? Will you capture the heart of an elite Commissioner…or help an enigmatic interpreter recover his lost memories?

Your path will be fraught with obstacles, but make the right decisions, and you will find yourself in a romance that will go down in history.[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ukyo
  • Eduard
  • Asagi
  • Yuzuki
  • Ritsu
  • Kagura
  • Shintaro
  • Makoto
  • Toru
  • Tsubaki
  • Hijikata
  • Okita
  • Sakamoto
  • Tokugawa
  • Kunihiro
  • Yoshiyuki
  • Sanosuke
  • Seiya


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