~The one thing you must recall~
Korean 네임리스 ~ 당신이 기억해야 할 단 한가지의 것 ~
Developer Sujin Ri , Yunjeong Yun , Hyein Go , Minsu Ock , Marcos Arroyo , Seona Lee , Sohyeon Jeon
Publisher Cheritz
Released Nov 11, 2013
Platforms Steam

After her grandfather passed away and refusing to interfere with her parents' work, Eri lives alone and began collecting male ball-joint dolls. She treats them like family, in attempt to avoid her loneliness in the quiet home, always greeting them and telling them good night. One morning, she's woken up to noise in her kitchen, only to find five men there who resemble her dolls. In fact, they are her dolls! Unknown to even them, the five men explain that they were somehow given human bodies.

Failing almost immediately to hide the five males in her home, from her school principal of all people, a chain of events leads to them attending the same school and becoming the "HOT5". What hi-jinks will ensue and will they figure out the mystery of their sudden existence?

Love InterestsEdit

  • Lance
  • Tei
  • Red
  • Yeon-ho
  • Yuri
  • ???

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