My Ninja Romance
My Ninja Romance
Publisher Genius Inc.
Platforms Android

You led a normal everyday life in the village of Kōga. In the village you lived a life of peace, with the cool Jin, who looked after you and was like an older brother to you.

However, one faithful day, Ippei, a ninja from the enemy village of Iga, falls in love with you and takes you away. After being brought to Iga suddenly, you are invited to the castle by the general of the Toyotomi family, There a shocking truth is revealed・・・!

Your ordinary life is suddenly changed completely. Wrapped up in the war between Kōga and Iga, you stand three ninja and one general at you side.

What route will your destiny take・・・?[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ippei Iga
  • Kiyomaru Iga
  • Hideyasu Toyotomi
  • Kagetora


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