My Boss Is Too Hot and Wild!
My Boss Is Too Hot and Wild
Publisher Arithmetic
Platforms Android

One day, you broke up with your boyfriend?! You were depressed so much since he was the one you had been dating with for many years.

However, your colleague suddenly confessed his love to you! "Well then, you can just go out with me." Not only him, but also other three different type of hot guys are all starting to approach you!

They tried to get your love with their own ways! The way of they approach you is somehow too hot and wild so you wouldn't tell it to anybody! And finally your heart was stole by "the one"...

Wanna get approached a bit forcibly by the provocative hot guys? Come and get employed by the company, and enjoy the secret love affair in the office![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Ryoji Kaji
  • Kaoru Kuryu
  • Akito Kurosaki


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