Lust in Terror Manor
Lust in Terror Manor
Publisher Abracadabra Inc.
Platforms Android

Mature Content Warning! 💋
This game has strong sexual tones or themes

13 men and women trapped in a Western hotel on an island. You are roped into a cruel game.

Trapped on a land full of strangers. In this situation filled with distrust, the one who appeared in front of you was―

Why do you know me!? In this dangerous situation, you share a secret with the handsome man that wants to protect you. Trapped in an inescapable room, will you be able to live on with him―!?

Experience a suspenseful environment, Love in Terror Manor![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Hayato Natsukawa
  • Rui Akizuki
  • Naoto Fuyuno
  • Ai Tamaki
  • Kou Tamaki
  • Takuma Kido
  • Kazutoshi Tateno


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