Love Triangle Heartstrings
Love Triangle Heartstrings
Publisher Hanabi Media
Platforms Android

As a high school student in an elite music school, you’ve worked hard to shine. All your life, you’ve focused strictly on practice and performance—and you’ve done it alone. But at this time, something’s been missing…

When you find yourself placed in a top-ranking string quartet, you’re forced to forge bonds with your new partners. Suddenly, you’re caught between a strict, masterful cellist and a warm, princely violist… and your life will never be the same!

What secrets do they keep? How will you grow together? What's the challenge your quartet will face? And which love interest will win your heart on valentine's day?

Only You Can Decide Your Path to success and love...[1]

(This game is listed at "Otome Game - High School Love" on Google Play and "Otome Game - High School Love Story" the Apple app store.)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Tetsuya
  • Naoki


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