Love Story of Sharehouse
Love Story of Sharehouse
Publisher HUNEX CO.,LTD.
Released 🌎 July 5, 2017
Platforms Android

Miyu Yamabuki (name can be changed), who works in her family's wine-shop in the country. Her parents mentioned the blind date on her birthday that made her pass the worst birthday in her life. For that reason, she made up her mind to leave her hometown to live alone in the big city.

Miyu didn't take too much money with her. When she went to the house agency and tried to find a house as soon as possible, she felt confused because she couldn't have her parents as her guarantee. At that moment, a tall man with a Latina look appeared. Through his recommend, Miyu could move into a house and needed no any guarantee. Miyu didn't have any choice and decided to move into that house but soon found that the house introduced was a share-house in Shirokanedai.

Surround by the members with all kinds of characteristics, Miyu starts her brand-new life――[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Masaki Mutsu
  • Shingo Igarashi
  • Kakeru Miura
  • Makoto Haebaru


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