Love Never Dies
Love Never Dies
Publisher Abracadabra Inc.
Platforms Android

You chose a book at the library you always visit. The book suddenly begins shining, and before you know it, You're suddenly thrown into Mount Liang, a huge mountain fort in the middle of a lake.

In order to save the citizens of a land that suffered defeat, 108 handsome heroes gathered at Mount Liang. You end up living with them, Until the day you can return to your own world.

From noble knight commanders with a refreshing smile that captivate ladies, to arrogant Navy commanders that can make any lady fall for him, to tacticians cold on the outside but easily embarrassed on the inside who take females as research targets, you spend everyday in this unfamiliar environment getting played around by these men and some feelings will be born.[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Lin Chong
  • Li Jun
  • Wu Yong
  • Shi Jin


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