Love Cuts
Love Cuts
Publisher Hanabi Media
Platforms Android

As a brilliant surgeon living with your beloved boyfriend who is also your colleague, you have nothing to complain about your current life.

However, suddenly your perfect life is shattered when a man in uniform crashes through your window, covered in blood...He seems attractive yet dangerous.

A war breaks out, and is tearing your boyfriend's homeland apart. He is breaking up with you right at this moment?!

You feel like your life is falling apart. What would you do? Try to make up with your boyfriend, or help the mysterious man get out of trouble?

Will you survive the dangers of war? What about the dangers of love? Your scalpel may cut deep, but love - love cuts deeper......[1]

(This game is listed as "Otome Game: Love Dating Game" on Google Play and the Apple app store.)

Love InterestsEdit

  • Daniel
  • Si-Jin


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