Love Academy
Love Academy
Developer KOYONPLETE, Inc.
Publisher KOYONPLETE, Inc.
Released ūüĆé June 20, 2013
Platforms Kindle Fire

Hi there, beautiful princess. Are you ready yet? 

Outstanding and talented students from around the world have gathered together at Moulin Academy High School, a private institution. Why was this ordinary girl attending the academy? 

Beneath the fireworks at a masquerade party, an unexpected romantic encounter takes place. 

All of this is followed by a sudden and sweeeeeet proposal under blossoming cherry trees! 

She had lunch on the rooftop together with the charming boy. 

Well, princess, enjoy your sweet and "dangerous" high school life, and the everlasting memories that follow. 

By the way, I am . . . umm, sorry, I can't tell you my name yet. See you at Moulin Academy!![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Togo Gen
  • Yota Ameda
  • Haku Shirato
  • Takumi Jyogasaki


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