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Arabian Nights Desert Heat: RadwanArabian Nights Desert Heat LoveAutumn Spiced Honey Slot
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Bidding for Love: Mitsurugi KyoBidding for Love: Takato IriyaC14 Dating
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Harvest Moon: Boy & GirlHarvest Moon: Magical MelodyHarvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon: Skytree VillageHarvest Moon: The Tale of Two TownsHarvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility
Harvest Moon 3D: The Lost ValleyHarvest Moon 3DS: A New BeginningHarvest Moon DS: Cute
Harvest Moon DS: Grand BazaarHarvest Moon DS: Island of HappinessHarvest Moon DS: Sunshine Islands
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London Detective Story: James MorrisLondon Detective Story: John WatsonLondon Detective Story: Sherlock Holmes
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MOTEMOTE: Santa HanagataMOTEMOTE: Syo ShimakageMOTE MOTE: Yusuke Saito
MY FORBIDDEN LOVE - TRUE LOVEMagic of LoveMagical Diary: Horse Hall
Magical Otoge CielMana Khemia 2: Fall of AlchemyMy Candy Love
Never Forget MeNorn9: Var CommonsOffice Lover
Office Lover: Kagaya GoOffice Lover: Kitazawa OmiOffice Lover: Kitazawa Omi (Season 2)
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PureLove: Fujita KanataPureLove: Fujita MasakiPureLove: Kanetani Leon
PureLove: Sorano SoutaPure LoveRE:Alistair
Revolutionary Girl Utena ~Someday My Revolution Will Come~Road to EmeraldRoad to Emerald/Friday
Road to Emerald/GalleryRoad to Emerald/GraggRoad to Emerald/Otto
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Shall We Date?: Magic SwordShall We Date?: Magic Sword: EthanShall We Date?: Magic Sword: Ray
Shall We Date?: Mononoke KissShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: BenkeiShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: CGS
Shall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: EnyaShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: GoyoShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: Hanzo
Shall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: HyosukeShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: HyugaShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: Mizuki
Shall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: NoritsuneShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: SohmaShall We Date?: Ninja Destiny: Yoshitsune
Shall We Date?: Ninja LoveShall We Date?: Ninja Love/GalleryShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Characters
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love: Goemon IshikawaShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Hanzo HattoriShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Kotaro Fuma
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love: Munenori YagyuShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Musashi MiyamotoShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Rennoshin
Shall We Date?: Ninja Love: Saizo KirigakureShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Sasuke SarutobiShall We Date?: Ninja Love: Story Introduction
Shall We Date?: Prince LoveShall We Date?: Prince Love: AlvahShall We Date?: Prince Love: Characters
Shall We Date?: Prince Love: ChezemShall We Date?: Prince Love: InfoShall We Date?: Prince Love: Ivan
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