Life Is Beautiful
Life Is Beautiful
Publisher Genius Inc.
Platforms Android
Kindle Fire


Three stories involving death make up this APP: "Death and Resurrection", "Death and Hope", "Death and Memories". In all three, "Miracle" is the theme that paints the backdrop of this story about the unfortunate fate your childhood friend and you shall face.

Death and Resurrection
Your childhood friend, Ryohei Otonashi, and you have been raised together like siblings. In time, the two of you gradually grew aware of the other as a member of the opposite sex. Then, one day during your high school years Ryohei confesses how he feels to you. However, directly after his confession, Ryohei gets involved in an unforeseen accident and never returns... Seventeen years have passed since then, when Ryohei appears in front of you looking like he did as a young boy!?

Death and Hope
You were from a town in the middle of nowhere. Your favorite activity at the time was to listen to your childhood friend Susumu Mukai play the violin under the starry sky. After that, Susumu surpassed his father's opposition to pursue a future playing the violin. You decided to follow Susumu down his path. A decade or so has passed since that time. Susumu was working as an apprentice repairing violins. You had a daughter together with Susumu, but no matter what you do, she cannot take pride in her father's work...

Death and Memories
You were the baseball team's manager in high school. You were dating one of the baseball team members, Eito Gamori, and were living a very satisfied high school life. That is until the day you both graduated and Eito was scouted for his baseball skills to attend a college far away. You continued to stay in contact with Eito, but one day all contact with Eito stopped... You thought you would never see him again, but you bump into Eito again in the place you work. Not to mention, he remembers absolutely nothing about you now…!?

...What story will you choose to live?[1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Nagato Memori
  • Ryohei Otonashi
  • Susumu Mukai


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