Lads in Distress
Lads in Distress
Developer Catfish Crew
Released TBA
Platforms PC (Demo)

🐣This game is unreleased as of yet!🐣
The content may change dramatically as more information becomes available.

The whole Lunar Kingdom is abuzz with excitement and curiosity - Princess Charming is throwing a royal ball to celebrate her 18th birthday, much to everyone's surprise. Invitations have been sent to nobles and royals from all neighboring nations, although Charming and her parents only really care about the princes. After all, everyone knows that the true purpose of the ball is for Charming to find a man suitable as her husband so that she can form an advantageous political alliance, or even merge their nations together to save her kingdom from poverty. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately?) for Charming, the princes may need to be rescued just as much as her kingdom does.

Choose a lad in distress to save in this comedic retelling of three well-known fairy tales![1]

Love InterestsEdit

  • Nicholl
  • Prince Mer
  • Prince Snow
  • Prince Zel


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